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Clima-Produkt air handling unit at Sky Tower in Wrocław


OIutside the window is really summer and as you can see in the material of “Fakty” from 31/07/2018, Clima-Produkt air handling units installed on the highest roof in Poland, in the Sky Tower office building in Wroclaw, provide thermal comfort for residents and users (see news)

Changes in the company


I am pleased to announce that on June 7, 2018, KLIMA-THERM, a limited liability company, became the owner of CLIMA-PRODUKT Ltd..

Letter from the Management Board -> Information for clients

Interview with Piotr Georgiev, owner of Clima-Produkt


The interview with the Owner of Clima-Produkt
link to the interview

We sadly announce


We share with you a sad information that after a few months of sickness died President of our Board Mr. Boryslav Georgiev.
The company was prepared for such a situation and therefore the news of this tragic situation, has no bearing on the functioning of the Company. During the long illness of the President, the Company’s business was directed by the proxies. Mr. Piotr Georgiev was appointed of the Management Board and the new President of Clima-Produkt Company.
As a result, we inform that, just as during the illness of the President, Clima-Produkt Company has functioned well and will continue to function without any problems.

Uzdrowisko Ustroń Health Resort is already open


Uzdrowisko Ustroń Health Resort in Ustroń is one of the biggest in Europe saltwater spas.
AHUs main supplier for this object is Clima-Produkt.

The Temple of Divine Providence


The Temple of Divine Providence located in southern Warsaw. It will be one of the most important Roman Catholic buildings in Poland.
AHUs supplier for this object is our company, Clima-Produkt.

Q22 – skyscraper in Warsaw


Among Warsaw’s skyscrapers it stands out with the crystal structure. Energy-efficient, accumulating solar energy, using intelligent climate control systems building is undoubtedly one of the most attractive places to do business in the capital. The impressive floor area of 91 164 m2 requires reliable ventilation, which will be provided by 30 air handling units, with a total combined air flow of almost 800 000 m3/h. The only AHUs supplier for this prestigious investment is our company, Clima-Produkt.
The building was opened on July 2016.